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Designs in Focus is a service for business development and start-ups where we offer a wide range of services for mentoring, consulting, teaching and products for promotion and enhancing new business using communication design and template building for companies. We design templates, proposals, PowerPoint presentations and we can maintain and edit your websites or add web pages.


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Designs in Focus started creating a network in 2002 after the attack of Sept 11 2001 when Inka left her job on wall street as art director and designer for marketing and publishing creating canvassing material for fundraising, to build a network to restore a community of good business that would change the future of native America. Matthew Alston created a platform of his own creating an advisory service for science and financial services. He is an aerospace engineer that has extended his expertise into international business and manufacturing to begin to improve production in our hemisphere for over 40 years.


We look for investors or business that need new concepts that are interested in creating different platforms in business to change how the trading is reflected in our hemisphere. We are interested in kitchens, products and workshop incentives.


our services graphic design, mentoring, financial consultancy, workshops, ecommerce, free classified listing, publications, event calendar, advertising, consultation of systems for your business, fundraising, printed art to buy, networking, textiles & merchandising, catering, teaching & training, investments and partnering with existing companies on projects that enhance new business models in our communities.


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