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Designs in Focus LLC is a design service for business development and start-ups where we offer a wide range of services for mentoring, consulting, teaching and products for promotion and enhancing new business using communication design and template building for companies. Designs in Focus started working in 2002 after the attack of Sept 11, 2001 and Inka left her job on wall street as art advisor and designer for marketing and publishing creating canvassing material for fundraising, to build a network to restore a community of good business for the indigenous of the americas. is the site to register your company and place ads for the spanish-speaking markets. The ecommerce site is to sell and pay for business services, read about community news in english. La Bodega is where you can sell your products in spanish.




Matthew Alston joined Inka 8 years ago and created a platform of his own producing an advisory service for science and financial services. He is an aerospace engineer that has extended his expertise into international business and manufacturing. He begins a new sequence of business consultancy in 2017-18 teaching science in business community solutions.

Our sites are devoted to educating the public about advice for community, diet and business development and fundraising for tibetan refugees because we are devoted to human rights and protecting the indigenous. We welcome you to visit, read and make comments and network. Visit our websites below and create commentaries that attract good community for your business. We are the american native running our company and devoted to changing our land and to increase new business that will suit our future plans for our DNA without government. We are called aymara and there are six evolutions for our people which are not tribal. They are mapuche, muni, aymara, mache, uron and inca and our hemisphere is the entire basin of the americas from canada to the south pole.

Contact us at for any answers regarding your company needs. We can apply any kind of branding and design to your website or company tools and we can also design new templates so you are more focused on promoting your company and products. We can also maintain and edit your websites.

Business development activities: design service, mentoring, financial consultancy, workshops, eCommerce, free classified listing, publications, event calendar, advertising, consultation of systems for your business, fundraising, printed art to buy, networking, textiles & merchandising, catering, free information, teaching & training, travel, investments and partnering with existing companies that need help.


visit our websites  our webpages in spanish [ecommerce for business] [network in spanish] [ecommerce in spanish] [free classified listing] [catering for business] [nutrition facts in spanish] [about aymara] [fundraising for the dalai lama] [ecommerce for the tibet fund]